Tech Spellbounders

  • Campaign robot :

    The rise of Robotic empire quintessentially needs the propagation of their tribe, and that would suffice the main reason behind the development of Campaign Robots. The Campaign Robots are being developed to maximize their reach into the people and to convey the whereabouts. Robofest is making the use of Campaign Robots to cause a distortion to the regular campaigning activities by making the robots themselves declare the Robofest activities in detail. Period.

  • Celebrity Robots :

    Ever witnessed interviews? The answer unapologetically turns out to be yes. Ever witnessed interviews taken care by robots? Challengingly interesting that would be. As, Robofest definitely is meant for tackling the impossible mark, it took up the responsibility of handling the interviews of your favorite celebrities through the handcrafted robots.

  • Radio Frequency Identity Card :

    Using radio frequencies to track the wrist band identification of the registered people is what sums up the entire contour of RFIDs. This deserves a unique place in the projection of Robofest and eliminates much of mediocre and imparts transparency to the registered buds in order to track their way down during the fest.

  • Event Hosting Bot :

    “Bots for Bots” – the theme behind the Event Hosting Bots. This completely defames the idea of human interference during the event hosting. The exceptional technology behind them is capable of correlating themselves with their respective events and hosting them in accordance.
    Robot task - Event Hosting: Task Accomplished!

  • Food Serving Bots :

    Food serving Robots are all set to give a persona of reflection of an Automated Restaurant to the fest. As mentioned, our cleverly casted bots can put themselves into the shoes of an effective servers and can consummate the tasks in the best dimension personified. As someone said, it is not just the substance that matters, the way in which the substance is projected is equally mattered.

  • VOIP Technology :

    Voice Over Internet Protocol is a methodology that is gaining value in an enormous sense in the recent times. It is clearly evolving to its best in the arena of digital communication. Robofest is utilizing this technology in order to facile an effortless multimedia propagation between the sessions of the event. VOIP is sure to set a different standard of surprises in its way during the event.