Markus Orngren

Markus Orngren is a developer for the humanoid robot called Inmoov. It has been constructed out of 3D printable plastic body components and controlled using Arduino microcontrollers. It uses MyRobotLab software for control. Inmoov is able to perceive sound, see, speak and move independently. It can recognize voice commands that are issued by the owner. Inmoov is capable of extending its own functions which makes it the basis for development. Markus has further worked on it to improve its accuracy, wireless control and modifying its physical structure. Robyn Inmoov has previously visited India to Kharagpur and Roorkee and most recently made an appearance at Maker Faire in Paris.

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Jacky Baltes

Jacky Baltes is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. He has also taught electrical engineering in the National Taiwan Normal University. (NTNU). His main interests are in the field of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Planning, Machine Learning and Distributed Processing and he has several publications in his name in these fields. He has also participated in a number of competitions for autonomous robots such as the FIRA HuroCup Competition and the RoboCup Federation. He is an expert in the field of Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Humanoid Robotics,Real-time Embedded Systems and Machine Learning.

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